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Fashionista: Common Heir Is on a Mission to Make Plastic-Free Skin Care That Works On All Skin Tones

NYLON: Behind the Success of Barbie’s Countless Beauty Collaborations

NYLON: Makeup Artists Weigh In On The Future Of Lipstick

NYLON: Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit” Made Chess Surprisingly Glamorous

NYLON: How Hulu’s Pen15 Brought ’00s Beauty To Life

NYLON: Hulu’s The Great Wrote Its Own Rules About 18th Century Beaut


Teen Vogue: The Powerpuff Girls Taught Young Girls That They Could Save the World

MTV News: How She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Brought Its Nonbinary Character to Life

Teen Vogue: Steven Universe Is the Revolutionary Cartoon Teaching Young People It’s Ok to be Confused

Teen Vogue: The Legacy of Adventure Time Is One of Empowerment

The Fader: Margo Price is the All-American Badass Country Music Needs Right Now


MTV: Victoria’s Secret Cast a Transgender Model, Valentina Sampaio — And It’s About Damn Time

Teen Vogue: How to Re-Create Eleven’s Outfits from “Stranger Things”

Huffington Post: Aromatherapy Is A Perennial Wellness Trend — But Buyer Beware

Mental Health & Wellness

Teen Vogue: Lacey Baker Is Shredding the Male-Dominated World of Skateboarding

Huffington Post: Watching Cartoons Has Helped Manage My Mental Illness

Huffington Post: How ASMR Is Helping People Improve Their Mental Health


MTV News: 14-Year-Old Climate Activist Alexandria Villaseñor Knows Inaction Is Not An Option

Huffington Post: Migrants Who Died Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border Honored With Haunting Tribute

Teen Vogue: DACA Recipients Share Their Dream Act Stories Following a Student-Led Walkout

Teen Vogue: Alums from Kirstjen Nielsen’s High School Wrote An Open Letter Denouncing Her DHS Work

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